Microsoft and Rhipe visit The Collective

Rhipe and Microsoft are on a tour in New Zealand and along the way, they stopped in Nelson.

Reasons why Startups should join a coworking space

There are many reasons why Startup companies are making the shift into a coworking space. From fighting isolation, having more resources, socializing and support. The pros definitely outway the cons.

Coworking tips for every operator and manager

We wanted to share some quick tips to help relieve any stress of running and operating a coworking space. This is for any manager, owner, or someone looking to start their own space. This isn’t our usual upbeat blog, but we wanted to get really honest about some things we’ve gone through so hopefully, you can learn from them. It's not always going to be a smooth ride, but it will not be boring!

Jamila Knopp is bringing a fresh holistic approach to health and well-being to Nelson. Her passion is electric, so we interviewed her to find out more.

With take away points, this interview is enlightening, encouraging and inspiring. Jamila is organizing a retreat this month, which we are encouraging everyone to sign up too.

Plinksoftware is taking NZ by storm.

In late 2017, Plink Software was nominated as a finalist for the New Zealand Innovation Awards, in the Innovation in Maori Development and Excellence in Social Innovation.

Our 3 tips when looking for a coworking space.

The options can start to seem overwhelming, you might have just made the decision to stop working from home. Now, it's time to chose a coworking space. But you have options, different prices and spaces. Here are our tips to help you decide.

Building the Nelson Region, one taco at a time.

Today, we had our first Lunch & Learn. An intentional time of getting together and talking in depth of what we do, and why we do it. Here are some the highlights from our lunch.

Happy Christmas from The Collective!

Highlights from our 2017 Christmas party. Always a great time!

Is your workplace really looking after you?

At The Collective, we understand the importance of members benefiting from their membership. We want our member's business to flourish but we also want to know they have support for their health and well being.

Imposter Syndrome

It started out like every morning tea. The members crowd around the table, bringing chairs, shuffling over with laughter to squeeze in more people. It was a Wednesday morning that impacted my life forever.

What even is coworking?

If you work from home or work remotely, you might be interested in joining a coworking space. We take on all the overheads, burnt light bulbs, bills and hassles so you can come into a collaborative work environment, build your networks and be inspired all at the same time!

Reflecting on the past 2332 days.

2332 days have passed since taking on this journey of Co-Working. We reflect on the most amazing days as we've witnessed Nelson Businesses grow and develop out of the Collective.

Interview with Colo.Life


Nelson start up companies coming together.

Nelson startup companies are coming together to network, create but most importantly support each other. On Friday, May 5th, The Bridge Street Collective hosted a meet up where over 11 businesses were represented.

Good things take time.

We set goals, deadlines and expectations in our personal and professional life. But how do gauge or control the pressure we place on ourselves?

Closed over Easter

The Collective will be closed on Friday the 14th of April and Monday the 17th. We hope everyone enjoys their long weekend! Please email with any queries.

The benefits of Co-working.

Ever contemplated leaving your home office? Have you counted the pros and cons of moving into an office space? Read below some quotes from people who have benefited from our co-working studio, first hand. With affordable monthly plans, we can get you out of isolation and into a stimulating working environment.

Oliva van Vugt, not your average accountant.

I interviewed Olivia van Vugt who is an accountant for RightWay Limited. She has been working out of The Collective for couple years now and she gives us a look into the world. Olivia shares with us her vision, goals and her favourite joke about accountants!

Highlights from our Christmas Party

As a co-working space, we have new people walk through our doors every day. The Collective is made up of different nationalities, professions and backgrounds. So you can imagine that our Christmas party lively and a whole lot of fun. Everyone brought in food to share. The afternoon was filled with a relaxed dynamic and great food.

“The biggest risks are the ones you don’t take”.

Start up founder, Nick Ippolito and his journey with Frontier Media.

I sat down with a self-taught web developer, Nick Ippolito on a warm afternoon to talk about his personal and business ventures, what motivated him to start a design company along with the highs and lows of running his own business.

5 Reasons why you should join a coworking studio

New Zealand just had its first coworking conference this past weekend and I am still buzzing! I wanted to explain briefly why coworking spaces are the way forward. It's time to start playing with the idea of ditching your home office and getting out of cafes.

Insights on team dynamics within The Collective.

Recently, I was asked to speak to South Island Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) policy team. The theme of the meeting was adding value to your team. Since that meeting, these 5 questions keep popping up from people. I decided to write a post and share some insights on all things dynamics.

Tearing down the old, and building the new.

Creating a new Collective.

Cube Architecture - redesigning Bridge Street

Keni Duke-Hetet of Cube Architecture was involved with Bridge Street Collective’s original design and the opening up of the ground floor co-working space to create the open, light filled workroom we all love to inhabit.

(S)Crap by Stella Chrysostomou, William Henry Meung & Yvette Byrd

(S)CRAP is an exhibition of paintings by Yvette Byrd, drawings by William Henry Meung and jewellery by Stella Chrysostomou.

Mandy Preston — Colour in the Café

The exhibition currently on show in the Bridge Street Collective Café is a kind collision of Mandy Preston’s skills – she’s the manager of the café as well as the artist behind the striking oils and acrylics hanging on the walls.

New dog-sitting website,

One of the Bridge Street Collective’s newest members is developing an innovative website based on a peer-to-peer transactional model. Hayley Kyte recently moved to Nelson from Queenstown and is has just launched her new dog sitting website

The Kickstart Fund

The Bridge Street Collective is humming these days, thanks in no small part to an innovative collaboration between the Collective management and the Nelson Regional Economic Development Agency (EDA).

Oolook, it’s a game!

It's all play and no work at one of the desk spaces at the Bridge Street Collective.


Bridge Street Collective’s Kickstart Fund is helping Nelson web developers Airsquare make the most of an important growth phase.

Canopy — Good things grow at Bridge Street

Landscape Architect Luke Porter was in on the early days of the Bridge Street Collective, working from an office upstairs long before the café and co-working space downstairs started to take shape.