Insights on team dynamics within The Collective


1). What are the team dynamics like at The Collective?

The Bridge Street Collective is unlike any office space in Nelson. We have over 20 businesses working under one roof. Dynamics are something that we don't lack here, and encouraging everyone to feel like they're on a team is something we nurture.The person sitting next to you probably doesn't work for the same company as you, so I never want to force anything that doesn't fit right in The Collective.

I want team dynamics to grow organically so if a member has an issue they're working on or has a question, they know they can rely on the person working next to them for help. I guess the dynamics here at The Collective are raw and organic and something you won’t experience elsewhere.

2). What's an example of team dynamics you've witnessed recently?

Our account advisor just walked in the doors to start his day, and he's the busiest person I know. Always running in and out of The Collective to meet clients. One of our members stopped him and asked him for some advice regarding his accounts for his business, and even though our accountant was in a mad rush, he stopped everything to help and sit down with our member. People can really rely on each other here. Our members are the ones that create the atmosphere of reliance and teamwork.

3). Do you have any businesses that are in direct competition with each other? If so, how does that affect The Collective?

You would think there would be some tension or hesitation if businesses talk about their work or projects to each other. Of course, confidential projects are never shared, we offer a lot of privacy here. What you won’t find at The Collective's members feeling like they're in competition.

It’s amazing to watch friendships evolve because they are in the same line of business. Countless times, I've seen companies pass on clients or jobs because they're too busy or they think their customer would be better serviced by another company. I see members having a good laugh over morning tea because they can relate to their everyday stresses of their job. Everyone can confide in each other here and build friendships along with knowing that The Collective is a place to connect and network. I think The Collective attracts people and businesses who are community orientated.

4). How do you handle members who aren't community oriented?

Some days people are too busy to take a lunch break or even look up from their screen. Naturally, we attract people who want to network or don't mind giving up their time to help someone else. A lot of businesses who started here have evolved that way and have taken on this model, it's called B2B (business 2 business), businesses that help other businesses. That's something we incubate here and it’s something I witness every day. Collaborations, assisting each other and genuinely caring.

It’s the little things as well, like promoting each other on their social media platforms, giving each other shutouts or giving them their time to help. So if someone or business comes in and is solely focused inwardly and isn’t interested in collaborating or networking, those types of people tend to move on from us pretty quickly.

5). What's the hardest part of creating team dynamics within The Collective?

The hardest part of creating team dynamics is creating a consistent dynamic. We have 34+ members. People are always coming and going, meeting with clients, overseas for work, or locked in their office with a heavy workflow. The dynamic changes every day. So it just depends on who comes into work that day. So for me, I try to get every new member connected as quickly as possible and help them to adjust to the different vibes/ dynamics.

Some days I feel like I run around non-stop accommodating everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I love that part of the job. But strive to give members is a sense of ownership in a shared office space. I want members to feel like they’re working at an office that brings them more opportunities than a normal office or their home office could ever bring them.

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Keegan Jeffries