Start up founder, Nick Ippolito and his journey with Frontier Media


Why did you decide to start Frontier Media when you did?

“I’ve been dreaming about it for a while and I decided that I needed to just do it and take a risk.   I knew that if I didn’t do it now  I probably never would.   I was at a point in my life where I was ready for the next step, and so with the support of my wife and family I resigned from my job full-time job and started Frontier Media.   I was already doing some web design work for family and friends and I decided to just throw myself at it head first.  Eventually, word of mouth began to happen and I picked up my first client as Frontier Media.  Before I knew it, I had some exciting projects lined up to sink my teeth into.

Starting a web design business was less about making money, and more about helping businesses and individuals thrive.  I have a passion for people, helping others develop their potential and creating beautiful things, so starting Frontier Media made total sense.  It merged all of my passions into one place.   

I also have three young kids under 6 and a very supportive wife who runs a Portrait Photography business called Sweetpea Photography.  Our kids were growing up so fast and we wanted to spend more time with them and so running our businesses allowed us to be more flexible and spend more time with them while they were still young.”

What helped you start your business?  

“Well, The Bridge Street Collective did.  I've been coming in casually on and off for almost 3 years.  Midway through 2015 I was contemplating my plans for starting a business when Galen King (founder of the Bridge Street Collective and Lucid Design) suggested that I get a desk, go out on my own and just do it.  He said I would meet a lot of people who could help and possibly forward work on to me, and he was right.  I started to attend the meets up that the Collective ran and before I knew it, my network grew quickly.  Galen was a huge help to me.  

Several years ago, while my wife was editing photos in the evenings I was teaching myself to code.  I picked it up pretty quickly but I would run into issues that I couldn’t solve on my own.  I remember being stuck on a problem one day while I was working out of the Collective.  Galen came over to my desk to see how I was getting on and I asked him for help.  Within a few minutes, he helped fixed the problem that had already taken me hours. The Collective is great that way.   I would recommend it to anyone who's just starting out.”

What was the most stressful moment you had starting Frontier Media?

“The most stressful moment I had was when I officially launched my business at the end of 2015.  I had one client, a family, a mortgage and a lot of uncertainty if I could pull this off.  My wife kept encouraging me to keep going and not give up and a few months later I hit the ground running.   I really have to thank Grant and Sherilyn Maxwell, founders of ‘The Kitchen,’  an amazing new wholefoods cafe on 111 Bridge Street which is also located at the front of the Bridge Street Collective, for taking a chance on me as a new business and letting me partner with them to create their logo, brand and e-commerce website.  

Starting Frontier Media was such a huge risk but I'm so grateful that I took it when I did.   Thankfully, each time I was wrapping up on a project another enquiry came in.  The advice I got earlier on was to just keep doing good work and I’ll keep getting good work and that has really rang true this year.”  

How long have you been designing for?

“Since the early 2000’s I've been playing around with design and animation software products like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere.  It was about 2009 when I created my first website with a mac software called ‘iweb’.  It was so limited but it got the job done.  Soon I was looking for a way to design better websites that were mobile responsive and that’s when I realised I just needed to get into code and so a few years later I gave in and started to teach myself html, php, css and Javascript.”  

What does Frontier Media do and who for?

“Frontier Media creates simple, captivating and handcrafted logos, branding and websites.  We cater to start-ups and SME businesses.  We help people’s vision and ideas come to life as we create branding that will enable their business to thrive and grow.  I personally enjoy meeting with clients and getting the opportunity to hear their ideas and dreams.  I love handing over a beautiful logo or website to a client which then enables their ideas and vision to become a reality.  I want to help businesses and individuals stay passionate in what they do and so I take care of the rest so they can stay focused on what they do best.”

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Keegan Jeffries