Tearing down the old, and building the new

If you walked past Bridge Street in the months of May and June, you would've probably heard jackhammers, forklifts and every power tool under the sun blaring. The Collective went under major changes. The Bridge Street Cafe transformed into a whole-foods cafe and our whole west wall was demolished. Everything was basically torn up and re-placed and re-built. 

To the west of The Bridge Street Collective was Kirby & Co Carriers building. In 2015 a damaging earthquake struck Kirby & Co Carriers. When the building came down, it left horrific damages to our own building. Plans were quickly set in motion to replace our entire west wall. Construction began in May and lasted until the end of June. It was a very long and loud progress but it has transformed our studio but it's also added a lot more quality to Bridge Street.  

Going through the renovations proved to be difficult, as we had to re-locate all our members. But now we have the most innovative and open office space in all of Nelson. We have three massive windows on our wall, heaps of greenery and natural light. Having such a great office space in Nelson's down town district is huge advantage. Something that we all feel who work out of The Collective is a vibrate atmosphere. There are always new faces coming through the Collective and lots of networking taking place. With a dynamic and creative energy, the collective breaks any stereotype an office could have. 

Keegan Jeffries