“The biggest risks are the ones you don’t take”


As a new year approaches, many people are preparing and anticipating for what the next year holds. It’s around this time of the year that a lot of self-reflection occurs. We reflect on the passing year and the one to come. Many of us put another step in our career and personal achievement ladders. Awards sit on our mantels at home or paper achievements hang proudly in our offices.

There is also the flip side that not a lot of people like to talk about. The dark side of the new year. The pressure and angst that comes with new ambitions, new goals, the new and the improved, whatever that looks like for us. Anxiety can creep in and we can project fear or unsettlement onto the new year. We can be the biggest critic of ourselves. Thinking we didn’t do enough or feeling an overwhelming amount of disappointment because for whatever reason; we didn’t accomplish what we set out too.  

Do not let fear or the lack time hinder you. Launch yourself into the unknown, fail, get back up and rebuild. The biggest risks are the ones you don’t take.

I personally think January can hold a lot of stigma for being the month of resolutions, goal setting, or having a time constraint to plan out every goal for the next 12 months. I think that puts unnecessary pressure us. I think it's time we scrap the new year's resolution list altogether. It's time we stop holding unrealistic goals over our heads and end the battle with the guilt we hold over ourselves if we don't meet our goals for whatever reason.

We need instead need to make daily, weekly and monthly goals and realistic risks. We need realistic pressure.We need to stop projecting so much pressure onto our lives. We need to have a clear space in our minds to calculate risks, to reason with ourselves and make decisions that will benefit us and our careers. Get rid of the New Year pressure, and set put into place healthy goals. We need to get small before we get big. Perhaps it’s not doing any more overtime, maybe it's finally dealing with that repeating conflicting issue at work, or is it to chase that job promotion. Take the risks with but leave out the unrealistic pressure and expectation.

In a coworking space, you will find a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of risk takers and people who set out to achieve some really out there goals. You’ll meet people who worked for the same company for years and one day they ended leaving behind the familiar desk job to pursue a lifelong dream. You could meet someone who wanted to travel the world and didn’t let an office space confine them.

So my questions are these, what risks are you taking this new year? Will you branch out? Will you launch that idea into a company? What are your weekly goals that you will set in place? How will you take risks but leave out the pressure? The pressure to succeed can hinder us from taking the necessary risks we need to take.

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Keegan Jeffries