Building the Nelson Region, one taco at a time

Here at the Collective, our job is to connect the dots with businesses. It's our job to help businesses know about each other and to really understand the 'why' behind our passion and our business and goals. 

Here, at TBSC, our 'why' is people. Our passion is to help grow this region and to provide more opportunities to the Nelson Region and the businesses who reside here. We are growing tired of seeing amazing people and businesses having to move elsewhere to chase their dream jobs. We are losing way too many people to the larger cities in New Zealand. The Collective is determined to see empty office building filled. We will incubate Startup companies until the cows come home. We will do whatever it takes to have this city buzzing with jobs and opportunities.

It has to start small and with pure intentions. By simply taking time and going out for lunch.  Today, we gave up just an hour of our day to the ones who we work around. We sat and we listened. We asked questions. By doing this, we are building trust and the community. The Collective has paved the way for many business opportunities. We know what we are doing is working. Over the past 7 years that we've been running, we have seen amazing things come out of these four walls. So what's the magic secret? It's the people who work here. 

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Keegan Jeffries