Is your workplace really looking after you?

At the Collective, we want to talk about the things that can make work difficult. The pain we have in our bodies, the stress from deadlines, not having the time to healthy,  just some of the many things we can face and sometimes we go through some alone. Work can take its toll on us. Our bodies react to the pressure we find ourselves in. So, we brought in rusted health experts into the Collective to talk about how we can prevent illnesses, how to manage stress and how to take care of ourselves. We had a four-week challenge where we implemented what we learned.  From drinking at least 2 litres of water per day, stretching and moving, eating whole foods and getting enough rest and relaxing our minds.

We had Stephanie Crampton from Aloha Massage come in for weekly for a 15-minute chair massage to help with our focus, relaxation and overall well-being. Some people can see this is a huge luxury, but here at the Collective, we see this an investment. Our bodies are not designed to sit at a computer. By giving our bodies a break, we found that members concentrated better, they were more relaxed and stiffness and pain were reduced. Stephanie talked to each person, and we told her the areas where we felt discomfort in. Stephanie was caring and really helped with our health. Stephanie also observed our posture at our computers and gave us incredible tips and tricks to prevent stiffness, carpal tunnel and soreness.  

We had Noreen McDonald, a New Zealand and internationally known naturopath and owner of Natural Living design this course and find out what our bodies are lacking. She talked about how important sleep, water, diet and exercise effects our ability to work. She gave us practical takeaways. From breathing exercises, sleeping routines, fixing our gut with bone broth, drinking enough water and eating whole foods. We had a compatibility chart in the fridge so we can see who was drinking the most water, stretching and eat right. It was a healthy competition among all the members. And the Collective bought the winner an hour-long massage, so we had a great goal to work towards! 

Thank you so much to Stephanie and Noreen for taking the time to create this 4-week course. We learned so much from you both and we hope other workplaces and can take this concept and have you both in. Email if you would like Stephane and Noreen to come into your workspace! 

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Keegan Jeffries