Nelson start up companies coming together

On a quiet Friday night the CBD of Nelson, over 11 different businesses came together to meet, brainstorm and network. The night was relaxed, with drinks being shared and laughter filling the Collective as new introductions were made. 

With the discussions ranged from how to best optimise our google analytics, how to master converting clicks into sales, to reposting on Instagram, and pretty much everything in between.  In the meetup, we had a digital strategist sharing her hottest tips and tricks. We had people who passionately shared about their companies and we listened to their personal stories.  The information being shared so willingly from so many different business owners would have cost a hot penny from a marketing professional.

This is what our meetups are all about. Not withholding information, not sugar coating our struggles, or embellishing our triumphs. We are just being real and open with each other. And it's when genuine people come together, do they make these meet ups all the more powerful. 

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Keegan Jeffries