Our 3 tips when looking for a coworking space

1). The website.

You are browsing, you are watching from afar. You want to see what space looks and feels like without actually wandering in for a peek. You're not ready for that and that's okay. Their website should have images of their own members, their own parties, and events. See any stock photos? Not good. Stock photography may mean they could be a new space and are building their community, or it could mean they are investors and just want bum on seats. Flick them an email, ask them to trial space and ask what kind of businesses are working out of their studio. This will give you an indicator who is working out of there, who you can collaborate with and see if you can help build their community. 

2). Do they Instagram?

This might seem odd, but do they showcase their members? Do they share their members work? You want to be apart of an environment that likes to toot your horn. Who builds you up and goes that extra mile. So, by having a space that snaps photos, spends time editing and thinking of a caption, means they'll go the extra mile for you. Do you need paracetamol for a headache? Do you need a dollar for parking? Pick a space who grams. They will put the effort in your time there. They will invest in you. 

3). Don't write off the costs.

Now, you've been googling, you've been liking a few spots around town but you've noticed the major part in all of this. The cost of the memberships. It's important you take a second and really think about all the details of running a business and a coworking space. It's a lot. The rent, the internet, the insurance, the rates. Those prices will reflect that. In saying that, TRIAL, TRIAL, TRIAL. Make sure you take note of how they greet you, induct and how space makes YOU feel. Take note of who talks to you. I would rather pay more money where there are friends, people my age then to save $40 a week for lunches. We all want to save money, but don't write off a space that has higher prices, because you could be paying for higher quality. Just like building our businesses, we need a good accountant, a good lawyer, a good web designer. We need a good coworking space. Remember, this is an investment. And you want a quality coworking space. 

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Keegan Jeffries