Reflecting on the past 2332 days

It's been a wild ride since the Collective opened its doors in 2011. We were one of the first co-working spaces in New Zealand, along with our great pals at Biz Dojo. We have seen hundreds of people walk through our doors. Countless start up companies begin with one person and grow to a team. We've incubated companies, sponsored new business owners and hosted countless meetups, tech talks and events.

Our passion stems from people. We are refuelled to keep doing what we're doing by seeing Nelson City grow, to see empty offices in town become vibrant and full. We strive to see collaboration and cohesiveness between "competing" companies and businesses. 

When Galen King strolled into Nelson 7 years ago, he came with big ideas, big dreams, and a new concept that would change the way Nelson's offices work. Paving the way for shared office spaces that are still popping around town, Galen introduced a new way of thinking to the City. To work together, share resources and grow this City.

With the Collective taking over 111 Bridge Street that once held Gizmo's and a Boroughs Florist company, it was completely torn apart and put back together to form the Collective as we know it today. Below are photos of our process. And each photo is worth a thousand words. In a way, our journey is just beginning. 

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Keegan Jeffries