Why morning teas need to be apart of your work culture.

Morning tea is engrained in our work culture. It simply provides a moment of connection for our members. You’ll find 9/10 that people are from completely different fields of work. We are working on different projects, different timelines but we’re here in the Collective because we want to be. It either inspires people, gives them a break from their home office, and gives them human to human interaction. It also gives them new opportunities; and chances to network on a daily basis. Our morning teas give our members more opportunities to meet new people; than other regular networking events. There is a pure intent behind what we do, and that’s a community.

We’ve seen business ideas form over morning tea, we’ve seen strangers become best friends. We’ve been a part of conversations that have helped with well-being, mental health and support during stressful moments. Sometimes, it’s just banter; but it all depends on who attends!

Keegan Jeffries