Coworking spaces are more flexible than you think.

When you’re browsing a potential coworking space online, the cost and time commitment are not far off from your mind when you’re scrolling through the pages and photos. “How much will this cost me, and how long do I need to commit for” are pretty frequent questions and topics we discuss with potential members. And if we’re being honest, these are the two major factors that can deter people from joining spaces.

Not long ago, a local gym wanted me to sign up for a minimum of a year and have a $150 cancellation fee. I asked if I could pause my membership when I was travelling overseas and they weren’t flexible on this. I didn’t want to pay for a membership that I wouldn’t be using for a month. So I decided not to join. Potential members don’t join coworking spaces if they don’t show flexibility.  

If you’re hesitant about joining a coworking space, don’t forget to reach out and ask questions. What are your cancellations policies? Can I pause my membership for travelling? Don’t automatically assume you’ll be locked into anything long term. Coworking is about flexibility, community but we’ve designed our memberships to suit our members. We wouldn’t be open without our members, so just know each space crafts their memberships to suit different people.

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Keegan Jeffries