Coworking attracts like-minded people; who respect your work flow.

Coworking attracts like-minded people, hustlers and the go getters. - People you want to surround yourself with.


Coworking enables you to network, to connect, and to be inspired with top notch people on a daily basis. At a vibrant coworking space, you will be surrounded by people who are driven, motivated and most likely a hustler. ⁣At the Collective, we have a diverse range of people. Ranging from digital nomads, remote workers, start-ups, established businesses and everything in between.

Our members are incredibly generous with their time and their expertise. They're courteous of your time and workflow. We see it almost everyday; someone stuck on a problem and their neighbour jumps right in to help.

Have you heard of business to the business ratio?

It just means business give each other businesses. That happens here.


Why? Members get to know each other first, and their business second.

We give our member's opportunities every day to connect and network. It’s just up to them show up! Once you join a coworking space, attend their events. Coworking is a place where you have someone constantly rooting for you in the form of a Community Manager.


Keegan Jeffries