It's giving remote workers, digital nomads and people who work from home, the option to work within a dynamic office. There are different reasons why people want to join a coworking space. Some reasons are to help with productivity, wanting to socialize with others, grow their network and to nurture their business. Here at The Collective, you will be around like-minded, collaborative, inspiring and fun people. 

We provide our members, (people who join) benefits to their membership. You pick how often your invoiced, you chose your plan, and we don't lock you into any cancellation fees. You simply chose when you need a break from home, and come into work. There are no set hours so you decide when you come in, With our flexibility, you can still enjoy your home office but have the option to work in a new environment. We provide 24/7 security, SRA printing, meeting rooms, a private phone booth and comfy hang out areas. We have a stationary on hand so you don't have to worry about those extra costs. We have thoughtfully designed our studio to give you maximum enjoyment. We have morning teas every single day. so you will meet new people, connect with others and have that break from the computer which is important. You'll be surprised at how much you more you get done when others around you are working hard too. 

We provide unlimited tea + coffee, complimentary blog posts, social media plugs, regular events and meet-ups. The Collective networks on the behalf of you, so we can provide you more opportunities to meet others who you might not have had the chance to. We help connect you to other businesses that not only work out of the Collective but around Nelson. At The Collective, your business is our priority. Your mental health and well being is at the forefront of our minds. And if you just need a desk for a few hours, we'll provide you with that too!