The Bridge Street Collective is an award-winning coworking space in Central Nelson.

Established in 2011, The Collective was the first of its kind in Nelson and we are the winner of the 2012 Emerging Business Award. 

We are a collaborative community who brings together like-minded people. We rent open-plan desk spaces and self-contained offices with drop-in, casual and permanent membership options available. We also rent our meeting room by the hour or by the day.

Our coworking space offers gig-a-bit fibre internet, wifi and ethernet plug-in. We have a modern kitchen with all the bells and whistles that is stocked with tea and coffee. Your membership includes meeting room access, SRA3 printer/copier and 24/7 keycard access for full-time members.

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We're more than just a desk, we are a community! 


An inspiring community

A co-working space is much more than just the building it is located in.

The key to a great co-working space is its community. This is something that can't be created overnight and takes time to nurture and develop.

Our community is vital to the growing success of the Collective and we have a number of initiatives running that help to establish and grow our community.

Some of the things we do for our members and the wider community

  • Meetups
  • Morning tea every morning 
  • After work drinks
  • Promotion and Marketing 
  • Free trial day 
  • Access to mentors
  • Support for office and mental health
  • Free stationary and supplies 
  • Interviews and blogs posts about your business
  • Connecting your business with the wider community 
  • Showcasing your work and projects 
  • Business to business 
  • Resources for grants and funding 
  • Social media advice and assistance 

What people are saying...

"The Collective feels like a home away from home."

I love coming into The Collective to work. There are so many inspiring people who work and enjoy this space. Christine, The Collective's studio manager is awesome, too—she has made The Collective feel like a home away from home.

— Tim McFarlane, Graphic Designer at Lucid

"After just three months working here, I’ve got four new clients".

This place has worked wonders for my business connectivity. After just three months working here, I’ve got four new clients, collaborated on a handful of awesome projects and made connections with so many other promising people. I’d like to say it was all down to my charm. But in truth, Christine (The Collective’s head honcho) has been the driving force behind it, whether that’s by introducing me to people looking for my services, or dropping my name to local business owners. Thanks C!

— Jo Wigley, Copywriter and Brand Language Consultant based in Nelson, New Zealand

..."Instrumental in helping me find work in Nelson".

The Bridge Street Collective has not only been instrumental in helping me find work in Nelson after moving here from Auckland,
it has helped me to establish a great network of people in my industry by offering a central meeting point for groups such as the Nelson web meet up.

— Stewart Knapman


Collective happenings

Microsoft and Rhipe visit The Collective

Rhipe and Microsoft are on a tour in New Zealand and along the way, they stopped in Nelson.

Reasons why Startups should join a coworking space

There are many reasons why Startup companies are making the shift into a coworking space. From fighting isolation, having more resources, socializing and support. The pros definitely outway the cons.

Coworking tips for every operator and manager

We wanted to share some quick tips to help relieve any stress of running and operating a coworking space. This is for any manager, owner, or someone looking to start their own space. This isn’t our usual upbeat blog, but we wanted to get really honest about some things we’ve gone through so hopefully, you can learn from them. It's not always going to be a smooth ride, but it will not be boring!

Jamila Knopp is bringing a fresh holistic approach to health and well-being to Nelson. Her passion is electric, so we interviewed her to find out more.

With take away points, this interview is enlightening, encouraging and inspiring. Jamila is organizing a retreat this month, which we are encouraging everyone to sign up too.


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